All I Want for Christmas

Santa leaves some encouragement for me

All I want for Christmas is six months of smooth training that will get me through next July’s race feeling strong and accomplished.

However, there are some things that even Santa can’t deliver.

On July 22nd,  I committed to compete in my first ever 70.3 distance triathlon. Otherwise know as the half ironman distance. Or  as I like to think of it in metric terms: ~113 KM’s without a motor. Call it what you will, it’s a big deal in my world. Something that I was part of (the 1900M swim) in 2009 and vowed I would come back to, someday.

I’ve begun my training, somewhat. I am working on my base, meaning that I have joined a gym for the first time in ten years and attending classes. Lots of them. Spinning, body pump, core classes and more. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I am finding incredible comfort getting to know my fitness leaders and sweating (along with grunting) it out with others. All ages, sizes and abilities are in my classes and I love it.

Last week, during a particularly gruelling spin class, my mind wondered back to: why I’m doing this? My goals. And as I looked around the room I think I could safely say that my goals are not the same as my neighbours, and I enjoyed wondering what everyone else’s motivations may have been. I suspect that there are a few triathletes in my crowd from time to time, but I bet we’ve got all types of athletes in the room. Diversity. I love it.

Triathlons bring a lot of diversity and I think that’s why I’ve fallen hard for this sport. The majority of athletes aren’t perfect at all areas, and that’s what makes it challenging and fun. Everyone is looking to improve in some area or increase their distance or work on their transition time. There are so many areas to focus on and I love it. I enjoy running, but found training for a marathon a bit boring and lonely. Mix in swimming and biking – with a club? Now you’re talking!

So Santa, if you are in fact reading this, could you please bring me an injury-free year, with extra motivation and  supreme focus? Let me not compare myself with others, but focus on a better me for 2014. Oh, and new pair of running shoes to take me across the finish line next July 6th.


9 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

  1. Shane says:

    Think of it as 115 km WITH a motor…a 1 Bpr (Becky power) motor. I’m not sure on the conversion to horsepower…I’m sure it’s a lot though.

  2. yasser aka- driftwood says:

    though i will not be doing the actual event, i do look forward to training extensively with you.
    oh and taunting whenever the opp arises.
    its gonna be fun.

  3. Val from Mtl says:

    Hahaha!! TIT cheerleading. Who knew Tiger In Training would create such a funny acronym!
    Go Becky! Love reading you. I agree that I have done the same in group classes; wondering what others motivations are. Especially the chick that’s not sweating and is spinning with no resistance while I create a salty puddle, but I digress. Like you do, I focus on my own objectives. Keep it up and see you July 6th!

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