On and Off the Fitness Wagon

For the past 3 months I feel I’ve been doing well on the healthy living side of things. I even made it to the gym quite a few times over the holidays. The food intake was a tad on the extreme side, but December happens and I’ve decided to just embrace it. Even with the best laid meal plans, desserts, gravy and an abundance of butter happens.

I wasn’t prepared for a week in Vegas throwing me off the way it did though. (Oh Vegas! What fun we had). I know what you’re thinking: Its Sin City of course you’re going to get thrown off! But here’s the thing; I made it to the gym or went for a run everyday! I went easy on the portions (both food and drink), was up every morning by 6am being sporty, and felt mighty proud of myself….until I went to my first group class post-vacation. I felt like I was back at square one. Insert a number of explicits here. A large number.

Vegas baby, Vegas!

Thankfully, the January madness at the gym has passed and classes are have gone from barely tolerable back to comfortable. I have lost a bit of motivation, I’ll admit it. With 164 days left to train I’m missing the urgency but know I need to get out of second gear. But I’m writing this post for me, as a kick in the ass to get going again.

What will get me (and keep me) going?

  1. I need some kick-ass tunes. It’s time to bring out the big guns. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Britney’s latest along with Ellie Goulding and JT. But they’re not gonna cut it this time. I’m talking Eye of the Tiger, You Give Love a Bad Name and Start me up. I truly can not go wrong with these classics on my playlist. (These songs each have over 42,000,000 views on YouTube for a reason. Tight pants and mad lyrics.)

2. I must learn to enjoy my rest days. Let the guilt go. Embrace them. Relax, nap, read, plan, love.

3. I have accepted that I’m visual and must make a plan. I won’t just fit it in throughout the week. I need to manage my schedule – write it out and adhere to it. I’ve become pretty good about doing this on Sunday afternoon and checking in Wednesday to make any modifications.

4. I will celebrate small wins…when I complete 80- 90% of my planned workouts for the week, I will be pumped! And I will happily post my workouts in a calendar I walk past 20 times a day.

5. My gym bag is filled with a ton of great stuff. I’ve invested in some great workout clothing/ sneakers and I keep my favourite shower gel for a post-workout treat. I also make sure I have everything I could possibly need (water bottle, make-up (for mid-day trips), moisturizer, towel, etc) to eliminate any excuses to skip the gym.

I will keep my gym bag packed and ready to go at all times.

6. I must remind myself that a bad workout is always better than no workout. And a bad workout isn’t usually that bad.

7. Rely on companions. My runs, swims, gym jaunts are 100 times better with a friend. Over the past year I have surrounded myself with people that have shared similar goals with me and supported me. This makes all the difference. Especially when they are driving by my house to workout – I have no excuses to not tag along!

8. Every day is a new start.

9. I’ve become comfortable going to new gyms and classes and sweating it out with strangers. Actually, beyond comfortable – I love a new class and new people! Halifax is so great for expanding one’s social circle this way. This is an awesome way to mix things up and experience muscle confusion. (Although, for the record, I’m pretty sure my muscles are always confused!)


(I’m enjoy a 60 minute ride + core @ Cyclone Group Fitness)

10. Food & Sleep. I need a lot of both (just ask Tim) and it needs to be quality. I have been spending time researching quality food and recipes to keep me fuelled. I will not resort to finishing a gruelling workout and eating the first Dorito I see…much.

11. And finally, I must remember this lifestyle change will take time, and I will face set-backs. It’s OK..

Cheese alert! I saw this quote recently and it really resonated with me. And yes, I saw it on pinterest.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

So, I will focus on the short term goals and stick with the plan. With Saturday’s Fanfit challenge, the Frostbite 5 Miler and the 25K Moose Run, I should have just the motivation I need to keep on keepin’ on!


2014: And it Begins!

And it begins….

Here we are in 2014. Like the rest of civilization, I’m sure, I have some healthy goals I’d like to achieve this year. And some short term targets this month as a result of an indulgent December. (Nom nom nom). I don’t regret a single cookie.

I know this month will lend itself to crowded gyms, a flurry of health-focused infomercials and individuals committing to participate in various running races in the spring and summer.  I commend and support the people that are taking the next step in making healthier lifestyle choices – just please make room for me in spin class!

Upon investigation, January 1st was a holiday in my training calendar. I know myself well! I didn’t overindulge terribly in the New Year’s celebration, but I was no angel either. Exhibit A:


No Prosecco was harmed in this making of this photo


Training began today. Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious for day 1, given that December has not been ideal for running. Today’s agenda: a spin class and a 12K run (!!!).


Last night before going to bed at an early 10PM, I packed my meals, put together my work attire, laid out my gym clothing so I basically had to roll out of bed and I would be dressed and ready to go. At 5:30. AM.

I made it to the gym by 6am and on my bike by 6:10….only to have our instructor not show up. Now, I’ve been to over 30 classes at various Goodlife gyms over the past few months and never has an instructor failed to show up. I had to push myself through some weight training for 30 minutes, but I was fully aware of my slack-assed workout. Pre-food, pre-coffee with no one to yell me through my first morning exercise? With today’s -29C windchill I will not be making it out to run either (-21C is my threshold for coldness, I discovered in December 2012).


The gym from inside my car @ 6am, outside is -26C

So, this evenings cardio will be supported by my new purchase of “Sufferfest” videos in the comfort of my own home, on my trainer. What is Sufferfest? Training videos that someone essentially yells at me to pedal faster and harder for set intervals. The company’s motto is: “I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow” (ahhhhh, OK)…No excuses of cold weather or no-show instructors. (Sorry Tim).

Wish me luck!