2014: And it Begins!

And it begins….

Here we are in 2014. Like the rest of civilization, I’m sure, I have some healthy goals I’d like to achieve this year. And some short term targets this month as a result of an indulgent December. (Nom nom nom). I don’t regret a single cookie.

I know this month will lend itself to crowded gyms, a flurry of health-focused infomercials and individuals committing to participate in various running races in the spring and summer.  I commend and support the people that are taking the next step in making healthier lifestyle choices – just please make room for me in spin class!

Upon investigation, January 1st was a holiday in my training calendar. I know myself well! I didn’t overindulge terribly in the New Year’s celebration, but I was no angel either. Exhibit A:


No Prosecco was harmed in this making of this photo


Training began today. Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious for day 1, given that December has not been ideal for running. Today’s agenda: a spin class and a 12K run (!!!).


Last night before going to bed at an early 10PM, I packed my meals, put together my work attire, laid out my gym clothing so I basically had to roll out of bed and I would be dressed and ready to go. At 5:30. AM.

I made it to the gym by 6am and on my bike by 6:10….only to have our instructor not show up. Now, I’ve been to over 30 classes at various Goodlife gyms over the past few months and never has an instructor failed to show up. I had to push myself through some weight training for 30 minutes, but I was fully aware of my slack-assed workout. Pre-food, pre-coffee with no one to yell me through my first morning exercise? With today’s -29C windchill I will not be making it out to run either (-21C is my threshold for coldness, I discovered in December 2012).


The gym from inside my car @ 6am, outside is -26C

So, this evenings cardio will be supported by my new purchase of “Sufferfest” videos in the comfort of my own home, on my trainer. What is Sufferfest? Training videos that someone essentially yells at me to pedal faster and harder for set intervals. The company’s motto is: “I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow” (ahhhhh, OK)…No excuses of cold weather or no-show instructors. (Sorry Tim).

Wish me luck!


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