Don’t Fight the February

I pride myself in not getting sick often, and I credit this with my desire for a healthy lifestyle, mostly healthy diet, and keeping away from other sickies. However on Sunday, February 2nd, it happened. I couldn’t deny it, because it flattened me. I was bed-ridden for days.  And besides the wondering how long I would be put out for, my next thought was “What’s this going to do to my training?” (Lame, I know). But I know how a sickness can make me feel like I’m starting all over again, weak, winded and deflated. I just knew this was the worst way for me to start off February. Dreaded February.


(A past February slump. Gus was feeling it too.)

My mothers voice played in the back of my head (even before I let her know I was sick) to drink plenty of liquids, rest and relax. And don’t even think about going into work until I’m feeling 100%.

So I listened. With the guilt of pushing work deadlines out and not going to the office for three days, I relaxed, napped, read books and laid low. I didn’t do laundry, or cook, or even think about working out. Showering was my big goal for the day. A huge shout-out to Tim who cooked, cleaned, took care of our high-energy dog and waited on me for the entire duration of my sickness. I hope I don’t have to repay the favour.

And you know what happened? When I went back to work, the gym, and “life,” I wasn’t starting at zero. I was rested and rejuvenated and ready to go. I ran a mean 14K on that Sunday following the sickness, and lifted heavy weights on Tuesday.

Of course I wouldn’t choose to be sick ever, but it didn’t knock me down for as much time and force as I was expecting. Which is good. Because it’s February, and I hate February. I try to embrace the winter season and get outside and plan fun things to keep me from lapsing into some sort of Season Affective Disorder slump, but in all honesty I could curl up and watch Netflix and not interact with anyone for the entirety of the month. Needless to say, training is OK. Not amazing, not terrible…just steady as she goes.  My training partner is away on vacation, and so is my training plan, apparently. Next week will be a different story!


(In the mean time I will long for backyard family time, as seen above)

I’ve created several other distractions this month to help me manage the winter blahs. A friend and I signed up for our first ever TRX class, which resulted in a lot of grimaced faces, panting and grunting, followed by an unearthly desire for beer and wings and new local hot spot. We went with it. I’m also arranging for a dozen or so of my friends to try an indoor cycling class with me in the coming week in an attempt to fight their winter blahs (whether they know it or not!).


(This arrow has done a 180)

I’ve also heard talk of a Maple Brunch that I won’t pass up and I’ve been involved with what we’ve termed “Dad’s 2014 Retirement Party Tour”, a number of celebrations for the (long-awaited) conclusion of my dad’s 32+ years of service at Imperial Oil. Which is resulting in a lot of amazing dinners. (Thanks Dad!)


(I dream of Acadian Maple Brunches. Frequently.)

Thankfully the sickness is completely gone, and February is turning into a lot of socially fun activities. I think it’s a good time to mention that there are only 34 days until spring arrives! Things are looking up!



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