Betty and I Take a Ride.

18 weeks to go. So my training plan tells me.

I’ve been exploring different training options since last month, and having a great time. I didn’t know that I would enjoy this experience, in the way that I am. (Although, that leads me to believe I may be a masochistic for signing up for 6+ grueling hours of straight exercise if I DIDN’T think I would enjoy the training part?).

I love my little training corner in our house – but it’s time to branch out!

betty at home

Here’s my “Betty” at home:

But let me tell you about my newest crush. Computraining. This is the perfect way to train indoors during the off-season. Jeff gave me the heads up before he opened, but I guess I needed a little bit more of a push to get there – thank you Sarah!

Here’s how it all works (in my laymen’s terms):

I brought my Betty to Kinesio Sport Labs in the North End and set her in one of the eight trainers that are set up to use power based training within our group of riders. Jeff has a variety of courses and on Saturday we experienced my race (it’s mine.), Challenge St. Andrew’s. The “magic” computer gives individualized feedback (speed, average speed, heart rate, incline, etc), which brought out a competitive side that I (nor Scott or Karen) ever knew existed. The tiger awakens.

After my first few pedals, I knew this was going to be both a challenging and unique training session. The ability to see (and feel!!) the upcoming hills (and drops!), while charting my progress against my bike mates created a playful environment between us. This is a game changer in training.

photo 1 (8)


It was great to avoid the discouragement I sometimes feel from falling behind the other riders out on the open road, and I surprised myself on the distance (and hills!) I completed that day*. I wouldn’t trade the open road for anything, but given our climate, this is the perfect solution. (8 days to Spring!)

Fast forward 3 hours…unbeknownst to me my friends were all off their bikes, having completed their own goals, and cheered me over the 60K mark. (Thank you friends!)

photo 2 (3)

I immediately committed to an 8-week program that I am starting this evening. It’s a 2-hour session, and I’m really looking forward to improving in my weakest area of triathlon. Stay-tuned to learn more of my growing love affair.

Today’s thought comes from KLS’s website:

Failing is never starting.
Athleticism is a mindset.
Success is moving forward.
Triathlon is a lifestyle.
Everyone is different.
Reaching your goals is a journey.

I must have known that there’d be days like this when I signed up for the 70.3. In the most awesome and satisfied way, of course.

*St. Andrew’s by the Sea isn’t bringing a whole lot of “flat” to the bike course. *Gulp*


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