In Like a Lion, out Like a Tiger (the tale of March)

We’ve officially entered the Spring season. I survived Winter!!!! Nova Scotians are still waiting for the Spring-like weather, but we’re ever optimistic and know it’s just around the corner……right?…


Sunshine! Is that you!?

I’ve had the best 4 weeks. I feel back on track with the training, sticking – almost annoyingly – to the schedule. My legs scream at me every time I take the 13 steps up to my bedroom, but in a good way. I’ve been having THE BEST sleep I’ve ever had in my life. Head hits the pillow – it’s over. (Also the other stuff is going pretty great…family, work, friends….that’s the big stuff, but it’s not what this blog is about).


One of the best parts about training is marking it complete in this old school calendar. (geek)

Monthly totals: 17 hr’s of biking, 100K of running, 16.7K of swimming, 9 hr’s of strength training and a smattering of yoga & core.  This is my ramp up time.

Ironman in 1985. This guy is my hero.

1985 Ironman. This guy is my hero.

So, things are good. I often don’t report when things are good…because I’m too busy planning and biking and well being busy & happy. What’s to write about when everything is good? So it’s taken me a few weeks to actually sit down and write.

I’ve realized I haven’t made my goal public. It’s likely because I wasn’t sure if it was achievable. Then my dear friend Karen said:

“If you achieve all your goals, you’re not making them challenging enough.” 

Well said Karen, well said.

So this is a goal I set out for myself on July 22, 2013. It’s challenging, but if I keep with my training plan, I know I can achieve it.  (I actually just wrote I think I can achieve it,  and changed it to I CAN, boom diggity.) I have been warned that the St. Andrew’s course is quite hilly, but I’ve factored that into my training.


i can i will

I’ll quit stalling now….

Goal time: 6h:35m. Whew. It’s out there now. 

2000M swim (45m:00sec @ 2m:20sec/100M pace)/ 90K bike (3h:30m @ 27.5km/h pace)/ 21.1K run (2h:15m @ 6m:15sec/KM) and 5 minutes for 2 transitions.

I made sure my goals weren’t pulled from the air, and looked carefully at my past races over the past five years and the time I have to train. Yes, I made sure they were “SMART” goals.

smart-goals-221x300My mom has booked her hotel and her plane ticket from Bermuda to come watch me cross the finish line in July. I am so excited she is making the trek, but wonder if she realizes that triathlon is not the greatest spectator sport? She will have about 50 minutes of trying to distinguish which swimming cap is her daughters (while likely panicking that I am borderline drowning), and then watch me try to rip off my wetsuit (more panic) and hop on/off the bike in the transition zones. But on the bright side, she’ll have ~4:45 to explore St. Andrews, perhaps fit in a golf game, have lunch and even take a nap before I cross the finish line!

st andrews

St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick

April should find Betty and I cruising out on the open road, wind in my hair, hills to conquer, which excites me. I’ve never taken the bike portion of triathlon seriously, in fact I practically neglect my bike except for the odd ride and race. It would be surprising if I put over 200K on my bike in a given summer in the past. It’s astounding that I can even call myself a triathlete with that record, I know. I’m hoping to gain confidence on the road – and early – this year.

I haven’t been riding outside since October (Riverport Duathlon), and given the time that I’ve been spending on my trainer or in a spin class, I’m excited to see an improvement on my outside riding. Running weather is improving (likely no more snow banks to dodge) and I’m back swimming with the Triathlon club, which pushes me further than I had been on my own. I’m stoked for training this month, and am grateful for my health and lack of injuries. (Touch wood).

Now, for my two-hour bike ride!


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