Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable


In early September I made a decision – quite quickly actually – to become a certified Schwinn cycling instructor. My credit card was out and I didn’t hesitate to invest in the 9-hour Saturday session. My heart was beating fast as I hit the “Buy this series” button, and I had an exciting lunch hour thinking about my decision. Then life seeped into my thoughts and I was back to the 9-5 hustle.

Before I knew it – or could really process what my certification would actually mean – October 26th had arrived. I packed my lunch and enough snacks to feed a small army, and off I went. As I was climbing up Salter Street to Cyclone Group Fitness I found myself thinking of the insane month I just had at work, the dinner party I was going to that night and a million other thoughts too.

And then I gave myself a little mental shake and thought about what I was doing for the day. The investment of time and money I was putting into the day. What I was giving up (family time, workout time, more overtime) to be spending the day getting certified.


This was important and deserved my attention. Like a good yoga class, I wanted to leave everything else at the door and focus. I wanted to put my best foot forward and make today count. Who knows…worst case scenario I learn more about cycling, best case, I open a new chapter of my life. Beyond my day job and beyond my comfort zone.


The training was great and I was so, so glad that I decided to take part. Chris, our instructor, was fantastic and the day flew by. I attempted to remember everything and then focused on the important pieces. At the end of the session when we were asked if we wanted to lead a song I took a deep breathe and stepped up.

“I will”.


It’s a whole lot easier to participate in class then it is to teach it. I’ve watched new instructors lead a class, I can see the fear in their eyes! I thought, it’s now or never. I didn’t want to walk away from my training thinking “someday” I’ll do it. Someday starts today! I had confidence the people in that room with me would be accepting…and if they weren’t they sure as heck wouldn’t say anything today! 🙂

So I did it. I planned a 4 minute track and lead the class. I had shaky nerves going up there on stage, and my god the lights felt hot, but it felt great, and when I got going it felt so natural…I just went with it. My voice was louder than I thought possible and I attempted to make eye contact and smiled. I know I was far from perfect, but I got up there and tried. And I loved it.

Step one.

I knew that if I didn’t try I would walk away and have some regret. Nothing major, but something I recognized from my past. The “old” me that didn’t go out on a limb..the one that didn’t brave the karaoke song or present first in class or say how I really felt. A slight disappointment in what may have been. But not today. No regrets. I’ve learned its easier to deal with slight embarrassment then thinking of what might have been if only I’d tried.

So here is the start of something new, something outside the business (or real estate) world, that I am excited for and that is most definitely getting me out of my comfort zone. As a bonus, I  got to meet and got to know some really amazing people! I’m really looking forward to my first class (and nervous, of course!) but I have the steps in place and I’m going for it ~ step two!



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