Food, stress and finally getting off the treadmill.

I made it. One week of clean eating – on my terms that is. I knew I wasn’t going to give up wine and that there would be a bit of a learning curve but I was really happy with my experiment…and 2 weeks later, I’m sticking close to the whole food project. I’m reading labels and paying attention more than ever before. And I feel great.

My first two days I struggled with meals and found myself eating what felt like snacks all day long. Karen and I got together and made a ton of cabbage rolls, giving me a fall back for any rushed meals.

cabbage rolls

Salad, smoothies, oranges, hummus, small pieces of dark chocolate. I did really well.  Except for the wine, but my theory is life is too short and stressful to give up wine. 

My timing wasn’t ideal, with coming into the Easter long weekend with more chocolate scattered around then any other time of the year. The Thursday at our office was a disaster: 

office nancenseWe’re all guilty of it (in our office) of “treating” ourselves on the last day of the week. Often that treat is deep fried. My shift in thinking is that how am I “treating” my body by filling it full of crap. A Pete’s salad is a “treat”! A giant, delicious navel orange is a treat. McDonalds – that’s crap and punishment for my body. Why would I bother? 

I did face some unexpected stress on Sunday which kept me from my chocolate craving. It also kept me form training. It was not an ideal day and proved that life really can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.

I’m dealing with this stress while also continuing to eat as healthy as possible. I did cave and ate one timbit on Thursday afternoon. But just one. Typically I would find an excuse to go into the kitchen and devour half of that sweet crap.  But I held onto the way I was felling. No bloating/overeating feelings, No mid-afternoon drowsiness, no highs and lows….it was incredible. And sustainable. 

I didn’t beat myself up for that one timbit and I rewarded myself with a new book and tank top rather than food. I really felt that the fuel I was consuming was having a great effect on the way I was feeling, and my overall energy level. 

I will continue to focus on food labels and experiment with fuelling during long training sessions. Four months until Ironman, less than one month until my next marathon. I can’t think about it too much, or it will cause me to go into an anxiety attack. 


My training isn’t where I was hoping it would be (that previously mentioned stress is effecting me in a variety of ways that I will share when I’m ready) but I got out for my first outside run in 76 days today.

It wasn’t glorious, heart-stopping, or speedy. My guts hurt a bit and I struggled on the hills. But the sunshine was amazing and I’m feeling optimistic about the remainder of my training and 2015.   


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