It’s all so much – too much!

Written on Tuesday July 28

Time management….Last week I was talking about Ironman with my hairdresser, and she asked me what I was looking forward to most after the race was complete. I think she thought I would say something like french-fries or ice-cream (neither of which I’ve given up, for the record). My response: Freedom! A blank schedule!

For well over seven months my Sunday evening routine consists of sitting down with a calendar, my planner, my training guide and my work schedule which looks like some game of odd Tetris puzzle. When my week is organized there are colour-coded boxes filling every block of time. Chamber. Cyclone. Training. Volunteering. Family & friends. Dog Walking. Land lording. Looking at my completed calendar gives me a sense of accomplishment, mixed with overwhelmed anxiety. I often went to bed thinking “How will I do it all this week!?”

But I do. Mostly. I feel like I let people down from time to time. My social outings consist of training with friends mostly. I don’t feel like the worlds best volunteer this year, but I’m trying. I wonder about those brave souls that do Ironman every year! And the ones with children…I can’t even imagine.

Overall, I am still feeling excitement about my vacation (yes! I’m calling it that!) and the wonderful opportunity that I have, don’t get me wrong. My training is consistent and no new injuries. My knee is recovering and I will make it through that marathon!

There was a little dark time this week, and I just happened to be texting with my girlfriend, who has been following my training journey from the start – even throughout her pregnancy and arrival of her brand new baby girl. I confided that it was all too much and I just didn’t know if I could do it all. Her response to my overwhelmed schedule was: “You’ve got this. It’s nothing that you can’t handle.”       

And breathe.


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